Volunteer Spotlight: Elisabeth Andersson!

Volunteer Spotlight: Elisabeth Andersson!

by Bess Alshvang

Our second Volunteer Spotlight is of our Summer Academic Intern, Elisabeth! Working with our Queens Middle Schoolers, she is making sure their brains are getting as much exercise as are their muscles! Elisabeth loves spending time with the kids and supporting their summer education, and we are so happy to have her.

What is your name?

Elisabeth Andersson


Are you an intern or volunteer this summer?



Which program are you working for this summer?

Middle School Summer Program


How did you learn about Row New York?

Many of my friends on NYU Crew had worked for Row New York in the past, and all had wonderful experiences with the program.


What do you hope to learn this summer through your work with Row New York?

Sometimes during the school year I forget why I do what I do. I love rowing and I love school, but sometimes I get caught up in the stress of the year and forget these things. Not only do I hope to gain experience planning an entire summer curriculum and leading a classroom of middle school students, I am also excited to watch them become passionate about the same things I am, and to let them teach me new ways of loving old activities.


Where do you/did you attend college, what is/was your major?

I study Physics at NYU.


Do you/did you row? If so, what was your favorite part of the sport?

I row for NYU, and I love seeing hard work pay off. I also love the feeling of a perfectly-set boat.


What’s something you learned about RNY through volunteering/interning with us?

I never quite realized how much support students had while participating in RNY. It surprised me to know that students not only have academic and athletic support, but also high school and college admission support. Furthermore, parents of Row New York students also have support during the college process.



We are excited to have Elisabeth’s help this summer with the Queens Middle School Summer Camp; it is so great to have her hard work keep our students working hard!