The September Scoop: Akansha & Daniela’s College Lifestyle

The September Scoop: Akansha & Daniela’s College Lifestyle

The end of September marks the first month of college for our most recent alumni. By now they have settled into school, dorms, found clubs, new friends, and experienced the stress of being a college student. Those first fall days of freshmen year can be magical and bewildering. We caught up with two of our recent Queens graduates, Akansha and Daniela, to see how their transition into their newest chapter was going. Here’s the scoop.

Akansha Thakur – Fordham University 

Akansha Thakur

Going from high school to college seemed like a big change but not a major one. I wasn’t
leaving my home nor was I going to a brand new place without any semblance of my normal
life. All I was doing was changing schools, and meeting new people. It was odd, walking onto
campus not knowing anyone who had a role in making me the person I am.

Fordham invited me with open arms to come meet fellow commuters and make connections with other
people. The friendships I made with these people are going strong and I know that they will be
with me for a long time. Going to college has changed me, even though I am only a month into
it. I have grown confident of who I am and what person I want to be. I am also branching out in
my interests, by joining an entrepreneurship club, as well as the Fordham Research Journal. It
has made me more studious and focused in what I wish to do with my future. I can’t wait to see
what else Fordham holds for me.

Daniela Doyle – Marist College


My name is Daniela Doyle and I am currently a freshman at Marist College in
Poughkeepsie, NY. So far, I feel extremely satisfied with how well I have adapted to
“college life”. I will admit that laundry was not my favorite but I managed and am
now a pro.

My classes have been going really well so far, too! I have created a good
relationship with all of my professors, so far, by talking with them often. I have not
had much trouble with balancing my school and personal life. I believe I have done a
pretty good job with getting all my work done first and then hanging out with friends
and doing fun things.

In regards to extracurricular activities, I decided not to row in
college for my own reasons but I do go to the gym all the time to maintain my
fitness. Also, I am currently trying to start my own club on campus! Overall, this first
month has been amazing and I cannot wait to see what the next few months entail.

I hope all my fellow alums have had a similar experience with wherever they are and
whatever they are doing at their school(s). I cannot wait to hear all about it!
Lots of love,

If you are a Row New York alum reading this, and didn’t know already, we are here for you! We would love to hear what you’ve been doing since graduating from our program. And if your update isn’t rosy, that OK too – we got your back.