The Royal Canadian Henley 2017

The Royal Canadian Henley 2017

by Claudia Loeber, RNY Photographer and Adult Program Coordinator and Kassandra Nevarez, Marketing and Communications Assistant

This past weekend, our Master’s team raced at the Royal Canadian Henley. This is one of the biggest and most prestigious regattas in North America, hosting more than 3500 athletes and spectators. 2017 marks the 135th year that the Canadian Henley has taken place and we are proud to have participated in this historical event!

Our competitors enjoyed perfect rowing weather. It was sunny but not too hot nor windy. They were even lucky enough to miss a passing storm (as seen in the photograph above).

The Row New York Masters raced 11 entries. Every athlete raced twice and some even raced three times. Many Masters raced in sculling boats for the first time. Two of our boats took third place, the Men’s C 4+ and Men’s B-F 8+. Coach Claudia raced in the Mixed Masters 8+ event, which had finished 4th after a great sprint. Each boat rowed well and brought the heat to this very competitive race, so we look forward to their head races this fall.

Our Masters did an amazing job representing us on the international stage and we hope they had an incredible and memorable time!

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Huge thanks to:
Lukas Grattan, RNY alum, who joined the masters for the summer who was support staff for the race and made everyone’s life easier.

Matt Logue, trailer driver and boat man supreme who made sure all of our equipment was taken care of, and everything ran smoothly at the course.

Raphi Tayvah, the masters assistant coach who we could not function without since she makes sure to remember all the things I do not, as well as made sure we rocked our new uniforms in our debut race.

Kyra McClary, RNY part time staff in Queens and volunteer coxswain for the weekend who enabled us to race more.

Photos by Claudia Loeber

For more photos, check out our Facebook album.