The 2017 Harlem River Classic

The 2017 Harlem River Classic

Harlem River Classic is New York City’s only regatta and is hosted by Row New York each summer. It’s a day full of competitive racing and fundraising for our programs. Congratulations to the Wrec It Rec Crew who won our fundraising challenge. The men’s 1829 Club and women’s Rad to the Bone boats claimed first place in our races. Thank you to everyone who helped us raise over $24,000 for Row New York’s programs.

Below is a blog about the day by Alana Roberto, a Row New York alum from the class of 2016. Alana currently attends Queens College.


Alana Roberto graduated from Row New York in 2016. She now attends Queens College and recently raced at the Harlem River Classic.

As over a hundred people gathered at the Peter Jay Sharp boathouse on June 11th, there were a lot of friends, family and teammates there to support one another. Row New York never fails to have each boat look unified with a shirt that is matched which the rest of the people in your boat.

Matt Logue started the day of racing by hosting the coach and coxswain meeting that was beautifully strung together and well-thought-out. The details about the directions of the races and movements after the races finish were all part of the meeting and was probably the most crucial information needed to ensure a smooth day of racing.

Despite the well executed meeting, there were still athletes that couldn’t get around the MTA and their usual delays. The Alumni 8+ event was the first race of the day and the wait for the missing rowers did impede on the race schedule a bit. Once the absent rowers became present, we immediately got hands on to begin the pretty short yet challenging races that were ahead of us.




Every boat got to race two times against different crews. The water conditions were pretty unpredictable, there was an obvious tailwind, but you never know when a surprise wake could sneak up on your crew and unsettle the whole boat. I can’t speak for any other boat, however, I know that happened a few times during the first race for my squad and everyone did their best to hold together to make it work.

After the racing was over, it was great to relax and spend time with the people that my rowing career all started with. Those who came before me as older varsity when I was only a novice, the group of fellow graduates of 2016, and those who are now carrying on the traditions of Row New York.

Overall, the Harlem River Classic was a great day filled with beautiful weather and admirable people. It’s always a remarkable feeling to be on the water and to reconnect with the organization all together.