Summer Staff Spotlight: Jenna Wilson

Summer Staff Spotlight: Jenna Wilson

It’s time for another Summer Staff Spotlight! This week we talked with Jenna Wilson, who has been working with our middle schoolers all summer.  It’s been a joy having her on board!

Q: Are you an intern or volunteer this summer?
A: Intern

Q: Which program are you working with this summer?
A: Middle School, Queens

Q: How did you learn about about Row New York?
A: My college’s networking system!

Q: What do you hope to learn this summer through your work with Row New York?
A: How to become a better teacher and communicator. I wanted to learn more about nonprofits and wanted to get to know the middle school students.

Q: Where do you attend college? What is your major?
A: I go to Bucknell University! I am a Psychology major and a Biology minor.

Q: Do you row? If yes, what’s your favorite thing about the sport?
A: I surprisingly do not row. But I love how important teamwork is in rowing. I think that it helps the team form an irreplaceable bond.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?
A: I love to hang out with my friends, read, watch movies and dance! I am on the dance team at my school. I definitely love working out and cooking too!

Q: What’s something you learned about Row New York that you didn’t know before interning with us?
A: I learned a lot about the close connections that Row New York encourages. Everyone really becomes part of the Row family, whether you are a student, volunteer, intern, employee, etc. Row New York is so welcoming!

This is the last week of our middle school summer programs, so this is the last week Jenna will be working at our offices. We’ll miss her, but she starts back at Bucknell University in a few weeks. We wish you the best of luck, Jenna!