Ray vs the Volcano: To The Summit

Ray vs the Volcano: To The Summit

by Ray Hill, Chair of Row New York’s Board of Directors. Note, this blog is documenting, Monday, March 6th.

Ray plans to match the first $20,000 raised on his CrowdRise account! (link to donate here: https://www.crowdrise.com/ray-vs-the-volcano)

To cut to the chase, WE MADE IT!!!


However, this was unquestionably the hardest ride I have ever done in my life. The last 8 miles to the summit in particular was a bear. The gravel portion was actually cinders, so it was very difficult to get any solid footing. And both the gravel and paved section had up to 20% grades. It was one of those experiences where your mind keeps trying to convince you to stop, and only through will power do you continue on. That went on for over four hours.

I broke the last eight miles into smaller pieces in my head – half mile increments, how much more elevation I had to climb. There is no way I would have gotten there without the motivation and support of my SO, Darla Sweet.

The views were spectacular, we spent most of the climb above the visitor’s center also above the clouds:



By the time we got to the summit, the wind was blowing at almost 40 miles per hour. We took some quick ‘victory’ photos, chatted with a few people at the summit, and packed up to head home. It was an amazing journey, but not one I will be repeating! Happy though to give any tips to aspiring cyclists!