Ray vs the Volcano: Summit Opened!

Ray vs the Volcano: Summit Opened!

by Ray Hill, Chair of Row New York’s Board of Directors

Over the next week follow Ray Hill as he takes on what is billed as the toughest bicycle climb on earth – a volcano called Mauna Kea – to raise money for our programs. Ray plans to match the first $20,000 raised on his CrowdRise account! (link to donate here: https://www.crowdrise.com/ray-vs-the-volcano)


After a little nail-biting suspense, the road to the summit is now open again. I am still wishing I brought my snow tires!  In any event the web cams at the summit do show some pavement, so if I make it hopefully I can weave around the ice :)

Our flight leaves in an hour, we arrive in Hilo around 7:10 pm local time tonight. We plan to drive to the course tomorrow in our Jeep and see how conditions are at the summit. Next post will be early evening Sunday.