Recreational Adaptive

  • Gustavo and Carol at PJS Regatta
  • Para-rowing and Emily Boyd Walker

Recreational rowers will enjoy the fun, challenge, relaxation, teamwork, and health benefits offered by the sport of rowing. Recreational adaptive is for novice rowers looking to learn a new activity or experienced rowers who enjoy rowing for fitness. Rowers will meet weekly to learn the rowing stroke, improve technique, gain strength, develop confidence, make new friends, and be a part of a growing adaptive community in New York City. Rowing will take place either on the indoor rowing machine (erg) or on barges with our highly qualified and experienced coaches.

Our Recreational Adaptive program meets on Saturday afternoons. Participants with physical disabilities row from 12pm- 1:15 pm. Participants with cognitive disabilities row from 1:30pm- 3:00pm.  

All practices take place at our World’s Fair Boathouse.  Athletes who take Access-a-Ride should request “Parks–the Boathouse at Flushing Meadows”.

Registration for Row New York’s 2016 Fall Season is now available. 
The rowing opportunities Row New York offers are accessible to everyone. A suggested donation is appreciated for rowers who are able to contribute to the high cost of the programs. Many thanks!

If you have questions about the details of the program, or details of registration, please reach out to our Director of Community Rowing, Matt Logue, at, or call 718-433-3075.