Philly Youth – Race Results

Philly Youth – Race Results

By Kassandra Nevarez, Marketing and Communications Assistant

Last weekend, our crews went to the Philadelphia Youth Regatta. It’s the 6th year we have competed at this regatta, and have watched the competition grow. This year, crews from as far as Chicago, as well as local Philadelphia teams, brought the heat to race day.


Photos by Karo Beygzadeh

The regatta was the perfect opportunity to show non-racing Row New York athletes everything they’ve been training for. Both our Queens Middle School and Brooklyn High School athletes traveled to watch our Manhattan High School and Middle School athletes on race day.

Many of our athletes experienced their first regatta ever and also visited the historic UPenn boathouse to learn about rowing at the collegiate level. This experience was memorable, to say the least. It showed Row New Yorkers it’s worthwhile to push themselves to their limit both athletically and academically.


For many of our middle school athletes, Philly Youth was their first real racing opportunity. For our new high school varsity athletes, the regatta was their first time racing against more experienced rowers. Together we learned more about the rowing world and how competitive we need to be in the coming seasons (and also how to race in less-than-ideal conditions – 90+ degrees and sunny).Our crews competed in eight events – here are the full results:

Our crews competed in eight events – here are the full results:

Boys JV 2x – 4th of 6
Boys V4x – 6th of 6
Boys V8+ – 4th of 5
Girls JV 2x – 5th of 5
Girls V2x – 5th of 5
Girls JV4+ – 4th of 4
Girls V8+ – 4th of 6
Mixed MS8+ – 4th of 4