Parents’ Night Celebrates and Strengthens RNY Community

Parents’ Night Celebrates and Strengthens RNY Community

by Roxy Capron

This past week, our middle school programs wrapped up a series of Parents’ Nights, in which coaches welcomed parents and guardians to the Row New York community, explained who we are and what we do – and gave them a sense of what we’re working on with their kids for so many hours each week!

Row New York is dedicated to providing an intensive experience for every participant, both on the water and in the classroom, so we want to make sure that parents and guardians understand our goals and expectations. To paint a picture of what this year will hold for the kids, coaches presented an overview of our academic and athletic programming and walked through what a normal day at practice might look like. Above all, it was a valuable opportunity for parents and guardians to get face time with the staff who will be supporting their children for the next few years.

Bottom line: parental and guardian involvement is an essential part of the Row New York experience! Parents, guardians and other family members should feel free to reach out to coaching and other staff with any comments or concerns – that’s what we’re here for.

Thanks to all of our RNY families for being so supportive of your children and our organization. We hope to see you in the cheering section at our spring races!