Mentorship, From One Rower to Another

Mentorship, From One Rower to Another

By Kassandra Nevarez, Marketing and Communications Intern

The Young Executives Board (YEB) at Row New York is a group of young professionals, many who were rowers, who have pledged to promote Row New York in their social and professional networks. They help raise community awareness, fundraise on our behalf, and provide program and operation support. The YEB meets once per month to plan events, design gear, develop partnerships, and help track and celebrate volunteers.

Most recently, YEB members created their very own mentorship program with Row New York high school students.

How it all begun, Deputy Director, Jennie Trayes:
“The Young Executives Board mentorship was an idea from a YEB member himself – Andrew Lewis – who had a successful rowing career in high school and at Princeton University. Andrew and his peers were eager to get to know our high schoolers on a deeper and more meaningful level, learn from them and their experiences, and provide some insight into rowing, attending and graduating from college, and life thereafter.

Row New York believes in the power of mentorships, networks, and at the end of the day, friendships can make a real impact on both the mentors and the mentees. So far, the mentorship program has not only allowed the YEB and our students to explore the city or perfect their bowling game – for the mentors, it also has given new meaning to the work they do at Row New York.”

Why mentorship matters, Bailey Griswold, Director of Academics:
“Mentoring has been proven by research to have positive outcomes for students! I think it goes a long way to have someone who is genuinely interested in your life and who will always have your back, and it’s especially powerful when that person is someone you respect and look up to.”

From the YEB and students themselves:

Oivind Lorentzen & Elvis Perez


Oivind, left, is a member of Row New York’s YEB and mentor to Elvis, right.

Elvis: “I like my mentor not because he’s a cool person but he also persuades me into really pursuing what my intended major will be in college. I know engineering is tough and there are going to be low points in my life. But I also know that when I’m in college, I’ll still be in touch, and ask for help. I know my mentor will be there for me.”

Oivind: “I have very much enjoyed the mentorship program for many reasons, the most important being the time getting to know each other as friends on a personal level and learning about how important rowing and the Row New York program is in all aspects of his life outside of just rowing.”

Kristian Parapanov & Zanaia


Zanaia, left, is a mentee of Kristian, right.

Kristian: “Our favorite thing to do together is tell each other our rowing war stories.”
Zanaia: “One thing I’ve learned from my mentor is to not settle even if the goal seems unreachable.”


Annie Boardman, right, mentors and Johanny Monsanto, left.


Alyssa Smilowitz, left, and Aleeyah Marrero, right, after having mac and cheese (Aleeyah’s pick) and hanging in Bryant Park!


Wendy Lam, left, is currently being mentored by Emily Parapanov, right. Heres a selfie in front of a giant hamburger from when they went bowling.