Meet Paul DeGregorio: A TCS New York City Marathon Runner

Meet Paul DeGregorio: A TCS New York City Marathon Runner

With the TCS New York City Marathon just over a week away we are in the final days of meeting our fundraising goals and completing our marathon training plans – a pretty exciting time! We’re looking forward to cheering on the amazing people running on our behalf (and all the other awesome athletes) on November 6th.

Today, meet Paul DeGregorio, one of our TCS New York City Marathon runners.


Paul DeGregorio


Why are you running for Row New York?
I’m running for Row New York because I am passionate about the mission of the organization and want to be able to help other young student-athletes meet their academic, athletic, and personal goals.

Is this your first marathon? How did you prepare?
This will be my first marathon (although I did run the NYC Half Marathon for RNY back in 2015). I’d like to think I remained (relatively) in shape since my collegiate rowing days, but I began following a typical training plan in July gradually upping my mileage each week. I have never ran more than a half marathon distance before, so it has certainly been challenging to acclimate to longer distance training runs!

Your favorite post race meal?
TOUGH question! Since I typically try to get in longer runs in the morning on weekends, I usually like to finish off my morning with a big breakfast – you can’t go wrong with some pancakes and eggs.

What is your inspiration to keep going through those hard training days?
Imagining myself crossing the finish line and hearing all of the spectators cheering me on down the course keeps me motivated. I also feel obligated to bring my very best to training and race day knowing that I am representing a strong and committed group of staff and student-athletes that bring their best day in and day out.

Show our runners some love by making a donation to their CrowdRise page – small or big, your donation will help us meet our goal! Many thanks to Paul and the rest of the Row New York running team. :)