Long Island Junior Rowing Championships Results

Long Island Junior Rowing Championships Results

By Kassandra Nevarez, Marketing and Communications Intern

Last weekend’s race was no walk in the park! It was cold and windy, with temperatures in the 50’s and gusts up to 25 MPH. Only our Queens crews raced and they had a strong performance. Our crews have a lot of experience with less-than-perfect weather conditions (Meadow Lake can be a windy place to be) and this experience showed on the race course.

“We saw moments of greatness in every race, and the vibes at the tent and the trailer were on point!” –Breanne Fitzsimmons, Queens Youth Program Manager


    • JV 8+ – Came in 1st in their heat with open water
    • Second JV 8+ – Came in 5th in their heat
    • JV 4+ – came in 3rd out of 4 in their heat with an epic last 500m!
    • Varsity 8+ – Came in 4th out of 7 in the finals with a close finish
    • Novice 8+ – Did not race, conditions were too unsafe

Cold, windy races may not be as fun as sunny, warm races but they are valuable opportunities to improve. This race was excellent preparation for the upcoming races, NYS Championships, and Northeast Regionals.

Looking Ahead

All crews will be using this experience, as well as the other racing experiences to analyze, “what worked, what was difficult, and what we want to see in Saratoga,” said Breanne Fitzsimmons, Queens Youth Program Manager.

Best of luck to all our crews as they train during their last few practices of this successful spring season!