Keeping Up With Nicole Doyle

Keeping Up With Nicole Doyle

Nicole Doyle is one of our wonderful alumni. Today we’re checking in to see what she’s been up to since graduating from Row New York in 2015.

But first, a quick throwback to Nicole’s first race

“Seeing all of those people cheering, being with my team, that’s when I really felt like I was doing something important.”

Row New York and St. Anthony’s were back and forth, exchanging the lead until Nicole and her team pulled ahead. Right then, she felt the first sense of triumph, and the itch to keep racing, to get stronger, and to not only compete but to win. It was the same with academics.

“I wanted to do well at both. RNY says studying comes first—so I’ve made sure to get it done well beforehand, so I can really focus on rowing. It’s helped to have the extra support. It was hard, but no one quit… we all stuck it out with each other. Little by little, we became a family. In this group, the love is so strong.”

Nicole (left) with her teammates Jacqueline (middle) and Naomi (right)

Nicole (right) with her teammates Jacqueline (middle) and Naomi (left).

Years later, after becoming a leader on the team and a fierce competitor on the water and in the classroom, Nicole has continued to excel.

“I am currently a sophomore at Marist College, which is located in Poughkeepsie, New York. I am studying communications with a concentration in public relations and a minor in political science. I am also a resident assistant in one of the residential halls here at Marist. I supervise about 350 residents, acting as a resource for academic, personal, and social growth. Last but not least, I row for Marist’s Division 1 Women’s Rowing Team! This is my 7th year rowing and I am very lucky to say I have had the opportunity to continue a sport that I am so passionate about at the collegiate level.”


Our very own Nicole (bottom row, third from the left) rowing D1!

Nicole has built strong relationships with two mentors.

“First, Katrina Huffman, the Chief Program Officer at Youth INC, connected with me while I was in high school. Our mentor-mentee relationship has grown so much since. I am most grateful that she gave me the opportunity to intern at Youth INC in the summer of 2016 for the programs team. As a freshman, most of my peers did not have an internship since most companies hire juniors or seniors. Therefore, having an internship my freshman year really put me ahead.

Second, Leland Rodger, who currently sits on the Young Executive Board at Row New York, connected with me during my freshman year of college. Leland was the most helpful when I applied for an internship at Goldman Sachs. One day, I would love to work for either their communications team or their corporate engagement team. I know that working for a company like Goldman Sachs would open up a lot of opportunities for me. So I applied for an internship and Leland helped me with my resume, my application, my online interview and then my in-person interview. I really do not know what I would have done without her. Sadly, I did not get the internship for this upcoming summer and I will be applying next summer. Hopefully, I will get it this time.

I know that both Katrina and Leland care for me, support me, and want to see the best for me in both my professional and personal life. They have both helped me become the young professional that I am today and both always share their advice on what they believe is the next best step for me in furthering my career.”

An important message from Nicole:

“To any of those reading this, whether you are a current participant, an alumnus, a volunteer, a donor, or an employee at Row New York, always be involved with Row New York! Always! It is a great organization who has not only changed my life for the better but has changed thousands of lives across New York City. When you continue to be involved in any way that you can, you are helping Row New York change another life for the better.”

Nicole (second from the right) and friends, excited for a new boat in 2012

Nicole (second from the right) and friends, excited for a new boat in 2012.

Twice the greatness.

Daniela Doyle, Nicole’s sister, is also a Row New York participant. She has been a part of the program since middle school and she will be attending college in the fall. She has been accepted into Marist College, University of Hartford, and SUNY New Paltz and will be making her decision soon.

Keep up the good work ladies!