FAQs: Team Building

  • What is team building at Row New York?

    From March through October, Row New York hosts one-of-a-kind team building events at our boathouses in Manhattan and Queens. Learning a new skill, balancing a boat, and competing on the water provide you and your colleagues a new and different opportunity to push yourselves and build trust, and to do so in a unique and beautiful setting.  To get involved, email info@rownewyork.org.

  • What if I’m not interested in rowing at all?

    Host your next out-of-office retreat at the beautiful Peter Jay Sharp boathouse!  Row New York can provide tables, chairs, internet, and office supplies to make your retreat an escape from Midtown and a productive day for your company.  Email info@rownewyork.org if you’re interested in setting this up.

  • Why Rowing?

    Rowing is a unique and intense combination of hard work, strength, and teamwork – all good skills to have in the workplace.  Learning a new skill, balancing a boat, and competing on the water provide you and your colleagues a new and different opportunity to push yourselves and build trust.  Rowing requires absolute unity and cohesion – in goal setting, motivation, and execution.  Our Manhattan boathouse on the Harlem River and Queens boathouse at Meadow Lake in Flushing Meadow Corona Park are the perfect settings to learn to row, get out of the office, and enjoy the fresh air.  Come row with Row New York, and learn to Motivate yourself and your colleagues, Work better as a team, and Enhance your relationships on and off the water.  

  • Will everyone on my potential team be able to get in a boat?

    Yes! We have extremely safe flat-bottomed barges and eight-person rowing shells.

  • How far in advance can we schedule our team building event?

    Your team building event can be scheduled months in advance or as early as 2 weeks in advance to your date of choice.

  • What is the average timing of a team-building event?

    Each event is customized according to your company’s needs. Most events average between 2 to 5 hours.

  • What is offered with our team building package?

    Packages vary depending on your company goals and budget. Call or email us with questions about our many affordable packages.  Packages can include everything from rowing on machines or stable barges to competing in racing shells to dining and drinking wine, and of course, our packages always include the opportunity to learn more about one another and work together in a fun, challenging environment on the water.

  • What happens if it rains?

    A little light rain will not keep us off the water, but at Row New York our main concern is safety. If there is extreme wind, cold temperatures, or lightening, no programming will take place on the water.  If there is enough advanced notice, your event can be rescheduled to accommodate your company and Row New York.

  • Where are we rowing?

    Row New York has boathouses in Manhattan on the Harlem River and in Queens at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.  Here are the directions and details on the location.

  • Do I need prior swimming experience?

    Yes, it is preferred. However, participants who cannot swim can row in a  stable, flat-bottomed barge with life-jackets.

  • What kind of workout will I get? 

    Rowing is a full body workout, focusing on the legs and core. The first couple hours focus on learning proper technique – then it’s up to you how much of a workout you get.  Team building sessions can be as competitive or laid back as your company likes.

  • What are my chances of ending up in the water? 

    It is our goal to always be ‘on’ the water and not ‘in’ the water. That said, rowing is a water sport and occasionally rowers end up in the water. The chances of this happen are slim to none. Our coaches are equipped to handle these situations quickly and safely.

  • What do I need to wear/bring to class? 

    You do not have to purchase anything special. Since the sessions are land and water based, please dress appropriately for the weather:

    •   Layers of cool-max, polypropylene, or fleece
    •   Old athletic shoes and socks
    •   In warm weather, hats and sunscreen are advised
    •   Gloves are not recommended for rowing

    •   Avoid baggy clothes as they might get caught in the equipment