Dear 2017, We Have Some Goals for You

Dear 2017, We Have Some Goals for You

2016 was quite the year. There were tough times and amazing wins. We welcomed new members to our teams, had a lot of big laughs, pushed through grueling erg workouts, and came together for races across the east coast. For the first time in our organization’s history, we had a para entry in the Canadian Henley Regatta (Maria Bournias). Student-athlete Aleeyah Marrero shared the incredible story of how she fell in love with rowing. Going back through our 2016 blog, the stories we told were both inspiring and captured so much of what makes Row New York who we are.

In the spirit of ringing in 2017, we caught up with our Queens athletes to learn what they hope to cultivate in the New Year. They know the importance of setting goals. Whether it’s pushing their erg score to the next level, or making sure they attain an “A” on that next big test or interview, goals keep them on track to becoming their best selves.

Where do you want to succeed in 2017?