Athlete Spotlights: Isabel

Athlete Spotlights: Isabel

by Ruby Lyon

“I walk away feeling more confident, more comfortable – it’s just a really great way to ground myself.” – Isabel Billinge

When you do something that makes you excited everyday, you’re onto something great. In her third year of rowing, Isabel Billinge can confidently say that Row New York is the highlight of her day. It’s a fondness grown from the technically of the sport, and the friendships bonded through teamwork. Isabel has found a joy that many of us experience throughout life – learning a new skill and then mastering it.


Now the team captain for the Manhattan girl’s varsity team, she recognizes the unique opportunity Row New York offers the residents of New York City. In this week’s Athlete Spotlights, you’ll realize if you haven’t already, why so many people fall in love with the sport of rowing.

Fast Forward:

Izzy now“Izzy (Isabel) continues to challenge herself with every workout. The perseverance and grit with which she attacks and executes workouts has helped her lead the team during her captaincy. She is also a great student, and is helpful and cheerful during academic sessions.” – Coach Lizzie Simons

As the spring season approaches, Isabel’s biggest update is how excited she is to get back on the water – not a big surprise there! After a busy summer, she has spent the fall and winter seasons rowing and training. It is now time to put those skills to use!

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The Athlete Spotlights series was filmed in the summer of 2015. Created and produced by Row New York alumane 15′, Brittany Benninger and Nadja Steiner, they highlight the student-athlete rowing experience.