Athlete Spotlights: Celia

Athlete Spotlights: Celia

by Ruby Lyon

“Your muscle is your brain.” – Celia Rodriguez

For those unfamiliar with the sport of rowing, it might be surprising when you first notice someone sitting low in a boat and not rowing. The coxswain, who typically sits in the stern of a shell, steers the boat and acts as the eyes and safety control in the boat. Perhaps even more importantly, they serve as a coach and motivator on the water; they keep the team together and pushing through the tough moments of training and races.

This oneIn this week’s Athlete Spotlights, Row New York varsity girl’s coxswain, Celia, discusses her role on the team. In her fourth year coxing, it is clear Celia has an undeniable bond with her Manhattan teammates – which highlights the nature of being a cohesive unit in a racing shell. From finding happiness motivating her crew, to discovering her calling to be a nurse, Celia’s insights into the world of rowing are heartwarming.

Athlete Spotlights presents: Celia

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Manhattan varsity girl’s coxswain, Celia.

“Celia continues to be a leader on her team. During this winter season, she has developed her voice coxing indoor pieces. She also works hard on the erg and in the weight room, and even medaled at the Strong Island Sprints this past weekend! At academics she is a leader, often the first member of the girl’s team to arrive, and puts her head down to complete her homework.” – Coach Lizzie Simons

Since the summer, Celia has continued to consistently put in 100% at Row New York, while balancing her studies. This past fall and winter, she focused on college applications – which paid off. Celia has already been accepted to four universities and two competitive nursing programs – something she is understandably proud of! We love seeing Celia achieving all the goals she set this summer and growing as a coxswain.

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The Athlete Spotlights series was filmed in the summer of 2015. Created and produced by Row New York alumane 15′, Brittany Benninger and Nadja Steiner, they highlight the student-athlete rowing experience.