Adventures at Governor’s Island

Adventures at Governor’s Island

By Kassandra Nevarez, Marketing and Communications Intern

Our year-round youth programs consist of rowing practices, swimming lessons, and a day for academics. In order to enrich and engage our students during a time that may otherwise lead to “summer slide”  or boredom, our programming is extended during the summer months.

Our middle school summer programming is evenly divided between academics and athletics. Student-athletes spend the morning and afternoon with Row New York. Each day of the week we investigate a different theme for academics, including art, STEM, college, careers, and civics. Kids spend lunch with us and then spend about 2.5 hours on the water working on their technique, teamwork, and fitness. A lot of our middle schoolers look forward to Wednesdays, however, when we go on field trips around the City.  This week we explored Governor’s Island


Photos by Kassandra Nevarez

We started the day bright and early when the Queens and Manhattan teams caught a ferry to the Island. Our middle schoolers were pumped to see New York City from a completely new perspective while on the ferry. When I asked a group of friends what they would be doing if they didn’t come today, one held up their phone, the other said “on my couch, on my phone” – their friends laughed and agreed.


Once we were on the island, everyone soaked in the great views of the city and realized why coaches insisted sunscreen to be slathered on thick. The day was hot and sunny, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm in the air. The first activity of the day was a group bike ride around the island. We raced, strolled and stopped to explore different sites, grab water, and of course, take selfies.


After the athletes saw what the island had to offer, we stopped for lunch (made with love by Asya Rainey, Academic & College Success Coordinator) and hit the playground.


We also walked over to trails surrounded by flowers for some impromptu nature photos. See more photos on our Facebook


This weekend our athletes head to the Philadelphia Youth Regatta, where many will race for the first time. Next week our middle school program will be visiting the Math Museum. Cheers to summer in the City!