A New Year, A New Boathouse, and Some New Faces!

A New Year, A New Boathouse, and Some New Faces!

by Amanda Kraus, Executive Director

Row New York is ushering in 2018 with a mix of good news, new faces, and all around optimism, starting with our newest addition, the beautiful Peter Jay Sharp boathouse on the Harlem River. We officially purchased PJS for $1 from New York Restoration Project in early January, kicking off the new year in style. We have run our Manhattan Youth Programs for boys and girls as well as programs for adults out of this location since 2012, and while we have long considered it home, it is nice to make it official. That said, we have exciting plans to build a new Manhattan community boathouse in the next few years as we are currently at capacity serving close to 200 young rowers at PJS; moreover, the expense of maintaining a floating boathouse is not sustainable for the long term. (Stay tuned for more!)

As our programs grow so do our internal office needs; as of January 1st, we’ve added some experienced people to our staff–please welcome Tamara Carson, Miosotis (Mio) Pantoja, and Kristen Lalka, our new Interim Director of Human Resources, Director of Academics and College Readiness, and Metrics & Evaluations Manager, respectively.

Other good news? Our engaged alumni took the initiative to form and organize Row New York’s very first Alumni Crew. We love seeing old faces coming “home”, networking and supporting not only each other, but the next crop of Row New York alumni. It is incredibly rewarding to watch our kids mature into young adults with such grace and generosity.

Lastly, our students, as well as the Row New York community, are awaiting college acceptance letters which are just starting to roll in. There will be tears of joy, and no doubt some disappointments, but as in years past, we expect every one of our seniors will be heading to college come fall. It’s a stressful time of year for all seniors, and we will be holding our breath and crossing our fingers in anticipation along with them.

Welcome, 2018!!!