A Jingle Mingle Formula With CrossFit South Brooklyn

A Jingle Mingle Formula With CrossFit South Brooklyn

by Nick Peterson, CrossFit South Brooklyn

I’m a coach at CrossFit South Brooklyn, and I’ve prepared a group of our members for CRASH-Bs since 2010. (I have to say that, as a [recovering] rower, the whole idea of erging for fun was beyond me – but I’ve rolled with it.) From the beginning, participants have expressed an interest in connecting more directly to the sport, with three of them even going to Craftsbury to get on the water in 2015 and 2016. So last year it hit me: what better way to connect with the sport than to connect with the future of the sport?

By “future” of the sport, I don’t just mean young people, although, of course, that’s great. I also mean, broader, more diverse participation in the sport. Beyond the warm-and-fuzzies that Row New York’s mission gives us all, there’s a pragmatic truth: the very survival of rowing depends on Row New York and its ilk.


Post ergathon shot. Front row, L to R – Joe Mefford, Nick Peterson, Stephanie Hugh, Judith Geis; back row, L to R – Liz Mefford, Mike McCarthy, Richard Greenspan.


CrossFit South Brooklyn sweated it out alongside Row New York’s kids with a competitive spirit for fundraising and ergathon hustle.

CrossFit South Brooklyn’s members are no strangers to community involvement and fundraising; we do one big fundraising event a year for the Brooklyn Community Foundation and have raised a total of nearly $240,000 over the past five years. Knowing how jazzed our members get for fun athletic events geared at good causes, I thought it would be a no-brainer to pull the CRASH-Beasts into the Jingle Mingle. There’s definitely a formula here:

Good Cause + Fun Athletic Event (with Great DJ) + Desire to Connect with Rowing = Awesomeness

I’d love to see if we can’t add to the equation – get even more gyms around the city to participate, help us connect more directly with the kids, and build our involvement in Row New York’s mission. We appreciate being invited to participate, and we’ll definitely come again next year. But watch out – we’ll be ready for the Ugly Sweater Contest this time!

A big thank you goes out to Nick Peterson and his CrossFit South Brooklyn “CRASH-Beasts” for joining us at this year’s Jingle Mingle. Combined, the Row New York community and fitness organizations, rowed 606,066 meters total and raised more than any previous Jingle Mingle.  Find photos from the event here.

It’s not too late to support your favorite team and make an end of year gift to Row New York! Help us finish strong, donate to the Jingle Mingle here