5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Practice Self Care in College

5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Practice Self Care in College

by Regina De Los Santos, Alumni & College Success Manager

How exactly do our college students do it all? How do they take care of themselves while taking care and managing all of the things on their schedules, from full time class schedules to securing summer internships? I’m pretty sure that being a student athlete in high school cultivated some of these practices.

1) Ruben Martinez RNY ‘16 | Hamilton College ‘20


I stay healthy by stepping back and realizing that I’m not alone. I keep the people that bring the best out of me around, and I always know who I can count on. On days I don’t want to talk, I write. Sometimes nothing works and anxiety takes over. But in the end, smiling and realizing I can do it and that I am extremely blessed makes it all go back to normal.

2) Naomi Acosta RNY ‘15


I stay healthy by making sure I hit the gym at least 4 days out of the week. It gets me pumped and positive! Besides working out, I have been dedicated to my natural hair journey. On stressful days I deep condition my hair and put on a face mask. Self care is so important! I try to make sure I’m taking care of myself! -SUNY Plattsburgh ‘19

3) Theo Simko RNY ‘15 | Wesleyan ‘19

Theo Simko - Self care blog

I stay healthy by going on runs through lovely, springtime Connecticut! When I’m more pressed with work (as the semester is hitting its stride now) I do breathing exercises and stretches, whether it be in my room, on the quad, or even in the library! When my commitments or workload seem to pile up, I like to focus on the future – time goes on, and I’m just trying to make the most of my college experience.

4) Juan Graciano RNY ‘15 | Temple ‘19


When I try to stay healthy, especially since I’m not able to row yet, I do about 25k of erging early in the morning around 6:00 am which allows me to have the rest of the day for myself. I study at least 3hrs a day and always make sure I go to bed early, and not staying any later than 11pm.

5) Gislaine Garcia RNY ‘16 | SUNY New Paltz ‘20

Gislaine Garcia - Self Care Blog

I stay healthy by knowing when and where to take a break, as well as learning more about the concept of self love and applying it to myself.