2016 Head of the Passaic Results

2016 Head of the Passaic Results

by Ruby Lyon

Last weekend our teams competed at the Head of the Passaic. Row New York entered a Girls Varsity 8+ that had both Queens and Manhattan athletes. The Manhattan team entered four boats: a Boys Varsity 8+, Boys JV 8+, Boys Varsity 4+, and a Girls JV 8+. Our Queens team also entered four boats: two Girls JV 8+’s and two Girl’s Varsity 2x’s.

To quote Coach Bre Fitzsimmons, the regatta was “a display of awesomeness”. It was the first opportunity for our newly formed teams to compete and truly demonstrate what they’ve been working on at practice.

Student-Athlete Reflections

dsc_3426“We were asked at our MTM (Monday Team Meeting) what we thought made HOPR so successful and it is quite simple actually, we fought, hard. Both Manhattan and Queens really gave the other teams a run for their money. For my race, in the JV 8+, there was a boat trying to pass us for over 2000 meters. As a boat, there was just this click, from one stroke to the next. We had all decided we were not gonna let them or anyone else pass us – without anything being said. Everyone went in with one goal, to try our best and see what happens; the outcome of that was quite magical. Now, we are bringing everything we have and more to Head of the Schuylkill.” – Daniela Doyle, senior from the Queens varsity team

fullsizerender-5“This year Head of the Passaic was a success. Everyone who was a part of Row New York presented the team in such a positive way. There were positive vibes throughout the entire day and helpful hands all around. We all came in with a humble mindset and achieved all the work we’ve put out on the water prior to the race.” – Aleeyah Marrero, junior from the Queens varsity team



Row New York Girls Varsity 8+ – 3rd place of 6!
Manhattan Girls JV 8+ – 3rd place of 7!
Queens Girls JV 8+ A – 4th place of 7
Queens Girls JV 8+ B – 6th place of 7
Manhattan Boys Varsity 4+ – 3rd place of 14!
Manhattan Boys Varsity 8+ – 8th place of 9
Manhattan Boys JV 8+ – 11th place of 13
Queens Girls Varsity 2x A – 4th place of 9
Queens Girls Varsity 2x B – 6th place of 9

The Row New York Girls Varsity 8+ and the Manhattan Boys Varsity 4+ are set to compete in Boston next weekend at the renowned Head of the Charles Regatta, and the whole squad will be back in action in Philadelphia on October 30th at the Head of the Schuylkill.

From the Race

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Boys 1
Boys 2
Boys 3

Girls 1
Girls 2
Girls 3
Girls 4
Girls 5