Queen’s Queens and the Alumni G.O.A.T. Take On The Harlem River Classic

Queen’s Queens and the Alumni G.O.A.T. Take On The Harlem River Classic

The Harlem River Classic is a day full of fundraising and racing. It’s New York City’s only regatta and brings out collegiate rowing alumni who definitely show up to win (or at least finish with a respectable time). All the money raised from the regatta goes to support Row New York’s youth and adaptive free rowing programs.

This year we are especially excited for two new boats on the scene: Row New York’s very own alumni team’s the Queen’s Queens and the Alumni G.O.A.T. Composed completely of students who have graduated from our programs, they will join alumni boats of the likes of Bucknell, Princeton, Stanford, New York Athletic Club, and Row New York’s Masters and Young Executives Board.

Both Row New York alumni boats aim to raise $900 for our programs by this Sunday, June 11th. An impressive goal! Help get them there by donating today – donations of all sizes help.

Meet the boats

Alumni G.O.A.T
Nicole Doyle – Captain
Amanda Ramdeholl
Patricia Destine
Julia Saltonstall
Gustavo Diaz
Yrma Alvarez
Antonio Lopez
Bianca Pickering
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About the team captain, Nicole Doyle:
Nicole Doyle is a C.E.O on the low. She is an organized, responsive and problem solving professional who can ALWAYS be counted on. Ideas, solutions and getting stuff done is her middle name. – Regina De Los Santos, Alumni & College Success Manager

Queen’s Queens:
Alana Roberto – Captain
Katherine Hernandez
Anthea Daley
Daphney Jajoute
Jhnsynnique Moon
Michelle Plata
Chloe Rosario
Gislaine Garcia
Harsha Paliya*
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About the team captain, Alana Roberto:
Alana Roberto is the embodiment of a social butterfly, connector queen and just a team leader. When ever I need help in regards to reaching out to someone, getting someone’s new information or just help with the alumni community, Alana is literally one text message away from getting me that information. She always says to me “I got you gina” and it’s a fact. She’d had me this entire year. She is an extraordinary member of the alumni community. – Regina De Los Santos, Alumni & College Success Manager



Reflections from a Row New York Alumni:
“Row New York helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. They helped me stay focused on my goals, to study hard and row hard. The coaches and other staff were there to help me navigate situations in my personal life that I would not have been able to do on my own. When I was going to college, I was all set with financial aid and scholarships but could not afford (nor borrow) the housing deposit, which Row New York helped me pay. Today, it’s crazy to think about those $450 that would have stopped me going to college and I’m so grateful Row New York was there to help me overcome this and many other obstacles.” –Row New York ’14 Alum

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